Efficient Cookstoves

The demand for charcoal, wood, and LP gas for cooking continues to put pressure on our environment.

File:An insulating ceramic rocket stove.jpg
This stove, fabricated by low-income potters, is highly energy efficient, consisting only of insulating ceramic brick





"Development interventions targeted at women in fact often increased their labor burden" 1

"Cobenefits claimed by many carbon-financed ICS projects remain difficult to achieve—a finding that our research sustains. Ultimately, our findings show that, while introducing some improvements in cooking time, smoke level, and labor burden, the project also prevents rural Kenyan women from accessing any future wealth generated from the project even as it relies on their behavior change to generate the
original credit." 1

Despite good intentions of the parties involved, green grabbing occurs here not just through the initial commodification and privatization of emissions reductions, but also via the appropriation of Kenyan women’s and their descendants’ future rights to carbon credits. 1