Ground truthing 

At the base of the Ecotez movement is truth. We provide a service of verification through a trusted network of friends and allies dedicated to taking actions that support the preservation, restoration, and protection of our natural environment. 

Our first ground truthing project has been to collaborate with Tanya Unger of to document the location and content of the many images of burn areas in Machakos, Kenya and nearby communites.    Reuben has provided geocoded images of  Tala, Kangundo, Mutituni, Mwala, Masii, Matuu, Kathiani, Kangundo, Athi River, and Mlolongo are also being visited by Reuben Kihirchir for plastic burn abatement and organic waste diversion allies and potential project 

Our second project has been to support Mamawatoto Eco School's presence in Machakos, Kenya.  Reuben Kipchir has been working steadily to bring hope to local schools and community members who are faced with a large scale solid waste managent problem, in a county which has seen a tenfold increase in population. 150,041 as of 2009 and had a population of 1,421,932 as of 2019. - wikipedia