What is your Ecotez role?

Ecotez provides a framework that emphasizes participation roles by directly supporting people in their own communities who are working to improve lives and the quality of the environment.  Mamawatoto Eco School Upcycling Center in Machakos, Kenya, awards exchangeable Ecotez NFT certificates to emphasize the circular economy roles in the informal ecological sectors of waste management, renewable energy, nutrition and medicine gardens and ecologically restorative agriculture.

for Composting

  • Community Educator
  • Compost Maker
  • Organics Diverter
  • Problem Mitigator
  • Compost  Maintainer
  • Compost Broker
  • Compost User
  • Compost Buyer
  • Outreach Worker
  • Creative Educator
  • Accountability Expert

for Plastic Burn Abatement

  • Burn Pile Mapper
  • Community Educator
  • Materials Gatherer
  • Materials Sorter
  • Materials Transporter
  • Materials Broker
  • Creative Educator
  • Economic Evaluator
  • Accountability Expert
  • Machine Producer
  • Pilot Program Participant

for Solar Electric

  • Workshop Participant
  • Worshop Facilitator
  • Solar Economics Educator
  • Comunity Liason
  • Solar Broker
  • Installation Evaluator 
  • Materials Aquisition Expert
  • Followup and Checkin

for Efficient Cookstoves

  • Community liason
  • Economic Evaluator
  • Creative Educator
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Workshop Participant
  • Local Materials Identifier
  • Project Cleanup
  • Performance Review Followup 

for Ecological Agriculture

  • Cover crop carbon accounting
  • Polyculture Educator 
  • Compost Transporter
  • Compost Producer
  • Permaculture Designer
  • Input-output mapper


for Kitchen & Medicine Gardens

  • Saving locally adapted seeds
  • Biodiversity & Ecology Educator
  • Carbon & Energy accounting
  • Compost Producer
  • Compost Transporter
  • Organic Farming Educator
  • Nutrition Educator
Electronics Repair
  • Repairable systems locators
  • Repair technician
  • Upcycled product sales





Ecotez provides a method for environmental health workers to be compensated. For instance, when collecting, sorting, cleaning, storing, brokering, and transporting plastics and organic matter, goals can be set and milestones are recogmized via NFT token. 


Circular economies have their own lifecycle which is recognized as links in a value chain.     Ecotez provides a new approach where transparency and validation of effort falls upon the network which communities create. Ecotez receipts remain auditable via the blockchain's decentralized ledger.  One of the bigger problems which arose from carbon trading has been the 'selling of african women's future carbon' as described by  

and  auditable receipts and carbon sequestration trading systems.